Blockchain platform for Artists and Galleries

Give your buyers additional confidence to buy in your Art.
Art Indulge uses Blockchain Distributed Ledger Technology to permanently store transaction details in its Network.
Customers can instantly verify details with the click of a button.


Share art certificates while keeping it safe and secure like never before. Share your art certificates with anyone at anytime from anywhere without worrying about your data security.


Protect your transactions from unauthorized access, on the world’s safest de-centralized ledger. Only you know what you transact and if you wish to share it, do so without worrying about your data pilferage.


Get your valid art certificates verified in a jiffy and build your credence, it’s that simple.

Why ArtIndulge

ArtIndulge uses a revolutionary technology of blockchain. So, whether you are an artist or an art collector, make a hassle-free transaction of an artwork with fool proof data safety from the comfort of your couch. Register your artwork with the world’s safest de-centralized ledger and generate your art certificate and share it with anyone you wish to, without compromising on your data security. Transacting artworks can never get any easier than this.

How it works


Register your Art work in world’s most trusted Digital Ledger.


Permanently record your transaction and Generate your Certificate with anyone with ease.


Verify your certificates and share details.


Blockchain is a distributed, public ledger that maintains a continuously growing list of verified, time-stamped transactions recorded on what are known as blocks. Each block contains the record of a transaction in the form of hash (like a digital fingerprint) which links it to subsequent blocks, thus forming a chain — hence the name blockchain. This technology eliminates the need for third party in the process, as each transaction is validated by its users which is recorded on the blocks, thereby significantly reducing the transaction costs.

Yes. Only the hash (like a digital fingerprint) of your certificate is stored on the blockchain. The hash is a random string of characters and doesn’t provide any information about the certificate themselves. Transactions published to the blockchain are immutable and time-stamped, and therefore tamper-evident.

On the Transactions screen, for each transaction you will be able to see a share icon, clicking on which, you will be asked to enter recipient's email address and name and click on send.

When you share your certificate from the ArtIndulge , the recipient receives an email with a link inviting them to verify your certificate. They can do so instantly by using ArtIndulge to compare the digital fingerprint of your certificate with the digital fingerprint that was recorded on the blockchain

When you share your certificates from the ArtIndulge , the recipient can be sure that your certificates are trustworthy because ArtIndulge is powered by blockchain. The blockchain ecosystem is entirely decentralized and comprised of nodes (computers) that verify transactions, each with its own copy of the blockchain. Because no centralized version of the information exists, and only the digital fingerprint of a transaction is recorded on the blockchain, the information can’t be altered, i.e. it’s not vulnerable to hackers. Records are easily verifiable and sensitive information is protected.

No we dont validate Art Work as of now. ArtIndulge validates only the trasaction and certifies the transaction's date and time. This give an extra layer of confidenece to the buyer about the seller and the origins of the Art Work. Traditional ways of validating Original Art, should still be used to validate the Art Work.